Mr_Shifty: these guys are idiots
reimero: oh?
Mr_Shifty: <Me> So I'll need to be able to access your network remotely so I can install this.
Mr_Shifty: <Him> Oh. Okay.
Mr_Shifty: <Me> ...
Mr_Shifty: <Me> So I'll need to know how to do that.
Mr_Shifty: <Him> I don't know.
Mr_Shifty: <Me> Well do you have PcAnywhere? A Citrix server? A Terminal Server? VNC?
Mr_Shifty: <Him> How will I know that?
Mr_Shifty: <Me> Uh.
Mr_Shifty: <Me> By working there?
Mr_Shifty: (here comes the punchline)
Mr_Shifty: <Me> So can I talk to your IT tech or someone that's responsible for your network?
Mr_Shifty: <Him> I am the IT tech!
Mr_Shifty: <Me> coffee + monitor
Mr_Shifty: <Me> Uh... I have to call you back.
Mr_Shifty: *asplodes*
Mr_Shifty: *hangs up*