Mr_Shifty: so this client whom we'll call "ABC Solutions" calls one of our support people and says that they closed the fiscal period in their Inventory Control module twice, and now their reports are all hosed up
Prometheus: ill use it as an excuse to drink :/
reimero: Sucks to be them?
Mr_Shifty: so our support person calls me and says "ABC Solutions wants to know how long, as an estimate, it would take to fix this."
Mr_Shifty: <Me> That depends mostly on how fast their tape drive is.
Mr_Shifty: <Support> Heh heh. Restoring is the only option?
Mr_Shifty: <Me> Well, no, not technically. But that's the fastest and cheapest one.
Mr_Shifty: <Support> Okay, what if I were to tell you that they did this LAST NIGHT, and have all of today's transactions in there too?
Mr_Shifty: <Me> Then I'd say that they need to fire the person that did this, and didn't think to tell anyone until almost 3:00 the next day
Mr_Shifty: <Me> But restoring from tape backup is still the quickest option. They can re-enter any transactions they lost afterward.
Mr_Shifty: <Support> They really don't want to do that.
Mr_Shifty: <Me> Tell them it will take a MINIMUM of four hours for a programmer to fix their data and manually undo a closed fiscal period.
Mr_Shifty: so I just heard back from our support person
reimero: And...?
Mr_Shifty: ABC Solutions is really pissed off because they think the system should just "automatically" be able to do that
Mr_Shifty: lol
reimero: Heh
Mr_Shifty: needless to say, they're restoring from backup
reimero: There IS a mechanism for fixing that. It's called "Restore from backup"
Mr_Shifty: exactly
Mr_Shifty: and "don't give people access to your accounting system that don't understand that closing fiscal periods twice is BAD"
reimero: Right
Mr_Shifty: I had another one right before I left for lunch that was good too
Mr_Shifty: even funnier
reimero: Do tell!
Mr_Shifty: oh everyone screws things up once in a while
reimero: Especially new people
Mr_Shifty: but there are little screwups, like accidentally posting something to the wrong date, or something like that
reimero: But we catch those things quickly
Mr_Shifty: and there are BIG screwups, like closing a fiscal period twice
reimero: Yes
Mr_Shifty: and not doing anything about it until almost a full day's worth of transactions are in the system
reimero: THAT'S bad
reimero: Closing twice = stupid but fixable
reimero: closing twice and not saying anything = terminable offense
Mr_Shifty: heh heh heh
Mr_Shifty: yeah
reimero: What was your lunchtime call?
Mr_Shifty: oh yeah
Mr_Shifty: so client XYZ calls our support line and says their system has the month of february ending on 02/27/2005 instead of the 28th, right
reimero: ok
Mr_Shifty: in their fiscal calendar
Mr_Shifty: this happens sometimes, particularly with clients who have kind of odd fiscal calendars
Mr_Shifty: the system will skew things funny sometimes
reimero: right
Mr_Shifty: it's easy to fix; it's all managed in a single system table
Mr_Shifty: these things normally get passed to me, because they involve data
Mr_Shifty: so I call this person up to find out how to get remote access, because the password is different from the one I have in my logs for them (pcAnywhere)
Mr_Shifty: she doesn't know, she didn't set up pcAnywhere, she does the accounting stuff, knows NOTHING else about anything even remotely computer related
reimero: ok
Mr_Shifty: I say "Okay, I'll just have you reset the password for the host item in pcAnywhere, that's pretty easy"
Mr_Shifty: I've walked people through this dozens of times
Mr_Shifty: So I have her fire up pcAnywhere and go into the Hosts and I say "Okay, you see the one that says 'OurCompanyName'? Right-click on that and select 'properties'."
Mr_Shifty: <Her> It doesn't give me that option
Mr_Shifty: <Me> There isn't a "properties" option when you right click?
Mr_Shifty: <Her> No.
Mr_Shifty: <Me> Well what options DO show up when you right click on it?
Mr_Shifty: so this woman tells me that NOTHING happens when she right clicks... no menu, nothing
*** yMr_Shift has joined #HN.
yMr_Shift: fucking ISP
Prometheus: OMG A GHOST!
yMr_Shift: I just lost my putty connection to damnthing
yMr_Shift: and apparently damnthing lost its connection to the internet
yMr_Shift: so anyway
yMr_Shift: I'm baffled by this lack of right click menus, so I have her go to the desktop and right click on any icon
yMr_Shift: she tells me that NOTHING shows up for ANYTHING she right clicks on
Prometheus: (i got scared looking at it)
yMr_Shift: so at this point I'm thinking something's wrong with her mouse, maybe?
yMr_Shift: and I hear her clicking stuff and playing around with it, trying to figure out what I'm wanting her to do
The_FOO: or she's got one of those malware programs that disable right click
yMr_Shift: she manages somehow to get into the properties for the pcAnywhere host item and I have her reset the password
*** Mr_Shifty has signed off IRC (Ping timeout).
yMr_Shift: so I get logged into her machine and just to see wtf she was talking about, I try right-clicking on stuff
*** yMr_Shift is now known as Mr_Shifty.
reimero: Whoa
Mr_Shifty: so like foo just suggested, I say "Maybe there is some spyware or something here"
Mr_Shifty: and I ask her how it was that she got into the properties of that host item since right clicking didn't work
Mr_Shifty: she said "I clicked it with the LEFT button"
reimero: She's left-handed
Mr_Shifty: so I play around a bit, and discover she's got her fucking mouse setup left-handed
Mr_Shifty: Yeah!
reimero: O M G
Mr_Shifty: so I ask her "oh hey, are you left-handed then?"
Prometheus: AAAAAAAAAAaaaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahha
Mr_Shifty: she says "No. Why?"
Mr_Shifty: I say "Because your mouse is set up left-handed. The button functions are reversed from normal."
Mr_Shifty: get this
Mr_Shifty: she thought that WAS normal because that's how it was when she first started working there like 3 years ago
Mr_Shifty: and didn't know
reimero: Wow