this client's IT guy is pretty good
<reimero> Really?
<Mr_Shifty> but he inherited a disaster from the previous guy
<reimero> Ah
<Mr_Shifty> their old "IT" guy was named Harold
<Mr_Shifty> we went out there once because they were getting just gazillions
of errors
<Mr_Shifty> they were almost incapable of being productive because of them
<Mr_Shifty> myself and another of our techs went there to take a look
<Mr_Shifty> I couldn't find any programmatic reason for the problems, so we
were looking around their network
<Mr_Shifty> for a failing switch, or some bad cable
<reimero> Hubs plugged into hubs?
<Mr_Shifty> anything that could explain the problems
<reimero> REALLY long ethernet runs?
<Mr_Shifty> we looked up at the same time and saw three RJ45 cables slung
along some brackets
<Mr_Shifty> they had black electrical tape in the middle of each of them
<Mr_Shifty> we asked Harold "What's with the tape on those?", thinking that he
used tape to mark them
<Mr_Shifty> hell, we do that sometimes
<Mr_Shifty> so you can tell one cable run from another
<reimero> Right
<Mr_Shifty> he told us that was where he patched them together
<reimero> O_o
<Mr_Shifty> we were like, "What!?"
<Mr_Shifty> he said he didn't have a long enough length for running from point
to point there
<Mr_Shifty> so he cut the crimps off of two shorter cables for each one of
<Mr_Shifty> and soldered them together
<Mr_Shifty> and wrapped them in tape
<reimero> instead of investing in a $0.50 coupler