Mr_Shitfy: <client> We're getting "Error 1705: File in exclusive use" when we try to reindex.
Mr_Shitfy: <me> Okay, check your Citrix management console for disconnect sessions and clear any that might be there. If that doesn't work, reboot your server.
Mr_Shitfy: <client> Okay, we rebooted the server and we're still getting those errors.
Mr_Shitfy: <me> ??? Uh... then I don't know. That's not possible.
Mr_Shitfy: <client> (getting mad) Well WE'RE GETTING THE ERRORS.
Mr_Shitfy: <me> *accesses client's Citrix server remotely, looks at management console, notes two disconnect sessions* Um, you didn't reboot your server.
Mr_Shitfy: <client> I did too.
Mr_Shitfy: <me> There are two disconnect sessions on it that have been hanging there since YESTERDAY. You didn't reboot it.
Mr_Shitfy: <client> Are you calling me a liar?
Mr_Shitfy: <me> Yes.
Mr_Shitfy: <client>...
Mr_Shitfy: <client>...
Mr_Shitfy: <client>...
Mr_Shitfy: <client> Well what needs to be done to fix this.
Mr_Shitfy: <me> Reboot the server.
Mr_Shitfy: <client> Okay. *hangs up*