<Mr_Shifty> <client> I'm getting errors when I try to go into company 02 in
<Mr_Shifty> <me> What errors are you getting?
<The_FOO> Wots happenen mista kottah?
<Mr_Shifty> <client> Oh. I don't know. I didn't write them down.
<Mr_Shifty> <me> *sigh* Okay, I'll connect and look at your error log.
<The_FOO> Brilliant!
<Mr_Shifty> <me> *runs into login problems*
<Mr_Shifty> <me> Uh, you guys changed the password again. I can't get in.
<Mr_Shifty> <client> Oh, we didn't change it.
<Mr_Shifty> <me> I'm getting "invalid password". That usually indicates that
the password I'm using is incorrect.
<Mr_Shifty> <client> Well what password are you using?
<Mr_Shifty> <me> I don't know what it is. Whatever I have saved in the saved
connection for your system that worked the last time.
<Mr_Shifty> <client> Well it's not different.
<Mr_Shifty> <me> It is. Do you know what the correct password is?
<Mr_Shifty> <client> No.
<Mr_Shifty> <me> Okay. Call me when you do. Bye.