<Mr_Shifty> oh
<Mr_Shifty> my
<Mr_Shifty> gawd
<Mr_Shifty> this client's a bigger moron than I though
<reimero> oh?
<Mr_Shifty> they have $PAYROLL_MODULE for their payroll
<reimero> ok
<Mr_Shifty> he calls me yesterday (because his regular contact is out) and
says "we have no 2005 in our fiscal calendar"
<Mr_Shifty> the way that works is, when you close a year in this program, the
system automatically creates a year out from where you are
<Mr_Shifty> i.e., when he closed 2003 in his program, it should have created
2005 then
<Mr_Shifty> so I dial in, look at his data, and there's nothing closed in 2004
<Mr_Shifty> but 2003 is closed
<Mr_Shifty> which makes no sense at all
<Mr_Shifty> but this was at 5:00 last night
<Mr_Shifty> so I told him "Look, I don't know payroll, this isn't my normal
area of expertise, I'm going to have to drag my boss into this,
and he's already gone for the day"
<Mr_Shifty> so this morning I call him up and say "ok, we're going to look at
your data and give you a quick call back as soon as we figure
anything out"
<Mr_Shifty> he says: "Oh yeah, I figure I should tell you, I tried closing the
year a couple more times last night. Now it says we're in 2006"
<Mr_Shifty> <me and my boss> O_O
<Mr_Shifty> <client> So you can just switch that back a year, right?
<hackess> Wow. This guy's a grade A idiot.
<Mr_Shifty> <me> Yes. If you have a backup.
<reimero> whoa
<Mr_Shifty> <client> Will this wipe out any entries I've made since then?
<Mr_Shifty> <my boss> Wait wait wait... you closed the year TWICE, and then
you made entries, too, KNOWING that the fiscal calendar is hosed
<Mr_Shifty> <him> Yes.
<Mr_Shifty> <my boss> Then yes. Restoring from backup will wipe out your
<Mr_Shifty> <him> Then we won't be restoring.
<Mr_Shifty> <my boss> Then you'll be stuck in 2006.
<Mr_Shifty> <him> Can't you just roll it back to 2005?
<Mr_Shifty> <my boss> Sure. But we do things like that pre-pay basis only.
<Mr_Shifty> <him> Why?
<Mr_Shifty> <my boss> Because we've found in the past that clients that we do
this for tend to not want to pay the bill for 20+ hours of
programming that they get for it afterwards.
<Mr_Shifty> the client then had what I can best categorize as a "hissy fit"
<Mr_Shifty> it's now not in my corner anymore
<Mr_Shifty> :)
<Mr_Shifty> <my boss> (to me, after we got off the phone) Screw him.
<reimero> hehehe