<DarkGoddess> Heh. sounds like the printing problem $FRIEND'S mom was havening.
<DarkGoddess> they reformated and reinstalled on her computer because she was
innundated with viruses, having never been using a firewall or
virus proggie
<The_FOO> ugh
<reimero> Sounds like Strong Bad
<Mr_Shifty> yeah
<DarkGoddess> except instead of using the drivers that came with the printer,
they just used the windows printer drivers
<Mr_Shifty> ugh
<The_FOO> oops
<reimero> bad move
<DarkGoddess> so everything was printing at 6pt font and in the top corner of
the page
<DarkGoddess> I took one look at it and asked for the disk.
<DarkGoddess> Mroons.
<DarkGoddess> Morons, even
<reimero> mmmmm... mroons
<DarkGoddess> MROONS!