Mr_Shifty: last night for supper I made grilled bacon, turkey and cheese sammiches
Mr_Shifty: with ranch dressing for a dip
Mr_Shifty: they were teh good
DarkGoddess: Mm, there's so little fat in here that nothing was congealed on the top when i took it out of the fridge
DarkGoddess: mmm
DarkGoddess: that sounds good
Mr_Shifty: Dot really wanted some bacon
DarkGoddess: of course she did
Mr_Shifty: she was spinning around in circles
DarkGoddess: LOL
Mr_Shifty: every time I flipped the bacon
Mr_Shifty: it was pretty funny
Mr_Shifty: Kris was downstairs and she called up "What the heck is she doing up there?"
Mr_Shifty: because Dot was dancing around so much
DarkGoddess: lol, too bad you didn't video that
Mr_Shifty: it would have made a good clip
Mr_Shifty: she's pretty hilarious sometimes
Mr_Shifty: and now that she's mellowing, she's a lot easier to be around
Mr_Shifty: note that "mellowing" is a relative term
DarkGoddess: hahaha
Mr_Shifty: she's still got about the energy level of a two year old human
DarkGoddess: mellow for her
Mr_Shifty: yeah
DarkGoddess: We don't need no edumacation
DarkGoddess: ROFL
Mr_Shifty: </Dot>
DarkGoddess: OMGBACON!
Mr_Shifty: yeah
DarkGoddess: HOORAY! Bacon!
Mr_Shifty: that's just a brief glimpse into the mind of Dot
Mr_Shifty: you have to say all of those things REALLY fast
DarkGoddess: of course. all dogs have ADD.
Mr_Shifty: oh big time
DarkGoddess: cats, however, selectively listen.
Mr_Shifty: yes
Mr_Shifty: <our cat #1> Fuck you.
Mr_Shifty: <our cat #2> *staring blankly after being told to get off the table* Hmm? Did you say something?
Mr_Shifty: <me> Get off the table!
DarkGoddess: lol
Mr_Shifty: <cat #2> *yawn* Whatever.
Mr_Shifty: <cat #1> Did I say fuck you before? Sorry.
Mr_Shifty: <cat #1> I meant to say, FUCK YOU.
Mr_Shifty: <cat #1> Whoops. Did it again. Ahem. FUCK YOU.
DarkGoddess: ROFL
Mr_Shifty: <me> *throws something at both cats*
DarkGoddess: <cats>Well, aren't we crabby?
Mr_Shifty: <cat #2> Hey, you knocked me off the table by accident! It's okay though. I'm all right. *jumps back onto table*
Mr_Shifty: <cat #1> *glares at me evilly* Oh guess what I'm going to throw up on later tonight. Hint: It's something of yours
DarkGoddess: LOLOLOL
Mr_Shifty: <cat #1 & #2> OMGDOT! *run*
DarkGoddess: Ah, cats. You have to love them despite their idiosyncracies.
Mr_Shifty: yeah
Mr_Shifty: <Dot> O_O
Mr_Shifty: <Dot> OMGHE'SMAD! *runs to her dog bed and lays down looking sad*
Mr_Shifty: *30 seconds later*
DarkGoddess: OMGBACON!
DarkGoddess: LOL
Mr_Shifty: lol, bacon too
Mr_Shifty: then, at random
Mr_Shifty: <Dot> OMGIGOTTAPEE!
Mr_Shifty: <Dot> OMGOUTSIDE! NOW!
DarkGoddess: lol
Mr_Shifty: <me> *rushes to let Dot outside*
DarkGoddess: <Dot> OMGFALSEALARM
Mr_Shifty: <Dot> *now outside poking around on the deck*
Mr_Shifty: <Dot> OMG LEAVES!
Mr_Shifty: <me> *rolls eyes*
Mr_Shifty: then by around 9:30 or so she's pretty much worn out
DarkGoddess: imagine that
Mr_Shifty: I bring her upstairs and put her in her crate in our bedroom
Mr_Shifty: <Dot> *on her way upstairs excitedly* OMGBED! OMGBED! OMGBED! OMGCATS! HUH? OH YEAH. OMGBED! OMGBED!
Mr_Shifty: is your stuff up already?
DarkGoddess: my account's all set up.
Mr_Shifty: sa-weet!
Mr_Shifty: that's pretty cool!
Mr_Shifty: then, once Dot's in bed
*** You are now known as reim|OMGLUNCH.
reim|OMGLUNCH: bbiab
DarkGoddess: *goes to paypal 'masher despite him saying my first monthly payment isn't due till the end of February*
DarkGoddess: I want to be a dog. Everything seems so EXCITING because your short term memory is as long as X is in your sight.
DarkGoddess: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. new yogurt: blueberry crumble. It's tasty.
* The_FOO is back
The_FOO: hehe
Mr_Shifty: OMG
Mr_Shifty: yeah, Dot's world is broken up into 2 second bits
The_FOO: Did i miss anything more important than dog antics?
Mr_Shifty: nope
Mr_Shifty: just a peek into the mind of a Corgi
Mr_Shifty: she's 1 year old this month
The_FOO: wow.
The_FOO: Beaker will be 11 next month.
Mr_Shifty: lol that's right
Mr_Shifty: Beaker
Mr_Shifty: mimimimimimimimi!
Mr_Shifty: does he have big googly eyes?
Mr_Shifty: oh ffs
Mr_Shifty: it's Tuesday today
DarkGoddess: MWHAHAHAHAHA Web I've missed thee.
DarkGoddess: Yes, it is.
Mr_Shifty: I've been sittening here all day thinkening it's Wednesday
Mr_Shifty: dammit
DarkGoddess: Sadly, no.
Mr_Shifty: make it Wednesday
DarkGoddess: If it were Wednesday, I'd be going to the Hecate show tonight.
Mr_Shifty: I have a spell that can make it wednesday
DarkGoddess: But it's Tuesday, so I'll be watching the Badgers play Illinois.
Mr_Shifty: however, the casting time is 12 hours
DarkGoddess: Well, cast it right now.
Mr_Shifty: I'll start
The_FOO: heh
The_FOO: Oh, and Beak doesn't have big googly eyes.
Mr_Shifty: does Beaker make a good lab assistant though
Mr_Shifty: you know
Mr_Shifty: helpening you with your inventions
DarkGoddess: Helpening!
Mr_Shifty: I've noticed that Dot really isn't much help
Mr_Shifty: she's more middle management where her capabilities really shine
DarkGoddess: Sure, the run-around-doing-everything type.
Mr_Shifty: we have some middle management at our company that could easily fall into that same category, dialogue and all
Mr_Shifty: the difference is, Dot would work cheaper
Mr_Shifty: <Dot> OMGTREATS!
DarkGoddess: And might even do a better job...
Mr_Shifty: might
Mr_Shifty: she's actually very obedient
Mr_Shifty: I brushed her last night, and she sits very still, exactly where and how I tell her to
Mr_Shifty: I'm not clear on where this obedience comes from, but she definitely listens to what I tell her
Mr_Shifty: herdening dogs tend to respond well to training though
Mr_Shifty: that might be it
DarkGoddess: maybe she just likes being brushed.
Mr_Shifty: she doesn't mind it; it's the sitting still that's the hard part for her
Mr_Shifty: she's getting good at following instructions now though
Mr_Shifty: she knows the difference between right and left
Mr_Shifty: which is more than I can say for some middle management at the company for whom I work
DarkGoddess: nice
DarkGoddess: Jasmine can identify people by name.
Mr_Shifty: if I tell her "left!" she goes left
Mr_Shifty: that's cool too
DarkGoddess: if you tell her to go find Mom, she does
Mr_Shifty: I should work on that with Dot
The_FOO: woo
Mr_Shifty: Dot knows the names of her various favorite toys
The_FOO: Beak doesn't do much except sleep.
DarkGoddess: lol
Mr_Shifty: she knows both of our cats by name
Mr_Shifty: which is more than I can say for the cats themselves
DarkGoddess: No, the cats know their names. They just ignore you.
Mr_Shifty: Beak's 11 years old... that's all most dogs do when they're 11
Mr_Shifty: well, yeah
Mr_Shifty: they do know their names
Mr_Shifty: they just don't do much other than look at you if you say them
The_FOO: There are only a couple of our cats that respond to their names
Mr_Shifty: Mish was really pissed off most of yesterday evening because Kris took him to the vet yesterday
DarkGoddess: Drake too, although he's getting more gooder about coming when you call him
Mr_Shifty: we kept hearing him up on the counters in the kitchen, intentionally knocking things onto the floor for Dot to play with
The_FOO: hahaha
Mr_Shifty: he got up onto our bookshelf in our family room and knocked down one of my bookends too
Mr_Shifty: on purpose, no less
Mr_Shifty: I watched him do it
Mr_Shifty: little bastard
DarkGoddess: hehehehehe
Mr_Shifty: <me> Hey! Get down! Don't knock anything over!
Mr_Shifty: <Mish> Hmm? *looks at me* You mean... don't knock THIS... *knock* *crash* Over?
The_FOO: *laughs* None of our cats have done that.
The_FOO: Thankfully
Mr_Shifty: <Dot> OMGBOOKEND! *runs to go grab my LotR bookend from the floor*
Mr_Shifty: that's because Mish is pure evil
Mr_Shifty: he also knocks over any and all wastebaskets he finds that are upright
Mr_Shifty: apparently in the cat rulebook, it states: "ALL WASTEBASKETS ARE TO BE TIPPED OVER AND EMPTIED OF ALL CONTENTS."
Mr_Shifty: and he sticks to that faithfully, by the letter
DarkGoddess: Jasmine would then eat all the Kleenex.
Mr_Shifty: LOL
Mr_Shifty: Dot eats Kleenex too
Mr_Shifty: mmmmmmmm
Mr_Shifty: *shred* *shred* *shred*
The_FOO: Beak does that
Mr_Shifty: must be a dawg thing
Mr_Shifty: we have an operations meeting this afternoon
Mr_Shifty: maybe I should recommend we hire my dog to handle some middle management tasks
DarkGoddess: That sounds fascinating.
DarkGoddess: Ooh
Mr_Shifty: she is quite organized
Mr_Shifty: and has a good work ethic
Mr_Shifty: she's very motivated
Mr_Shifty: eager to please
Mr_Shifty: trainable
Mr_Shifty: everything one could want in an employee
Mr_Shifty: well, not very experienced
Mr_Shifty: her only job so far has been to herd cats
Mr_Shifty: but that makes her perfect for heading up our programming department